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apkg news

apkg 0.3.1

Released 2021-11-04


  • follow symlinks when rendering templates

apkg 0.3.0

Released 2021-11-03

Compat Level 2 News


  • new apkg compat command and compat docs
  • apkg will refuse to work with projects with newer compat level
  • new minimal templating example examples/templates
  • sort apkg srcpkg output for determinism
  • update and extend docs (new pages: compat, distro, users)


  • fix false positive cache hits in special cases
  • CI fixes and improvements

apkg 0.2.0

Released 2021-07-13


  • support Rocky Linux through rpm pkgstyle
  • support Nix through new nix pkgstyle
  • align apkg install with other commands and extend functionality
  • extend CI to test apkg install on supported distros
  • extend CI with new integration tests against apkg itself to ensure full apkg pipeline (including install) works on supported distros
  • improve apkg archive creation script
  • remove problematic htmllistparse dependency in favor of using beautifulsoup4 directly


  • handle unset $PWD when running external commands
  • fail on unexpected input files in srcpkg
  • fix docs build

Incompatible Changes ⚠

  • apkg install now works on project source by default like other commands (srcpkg, build). Old behavior of installing custom packages is available through -C/--custom-pkgs option.
  • -i/--install-dep option of apkg build was renamed to -b/--build-dep to remove ambiguity. Old alias still works but it's deprecated an will be removed in future versions.

apkg 0.1.1

Released 2021-06-09

  • first apkg beta release