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apkg compat

apkg compat level

In order to allow config file format and functionality changes without breaking compatibility, it's strongly recommended to include current apkg compat level in the config file.

That way, apkg will be able work with old and new distro/ files without disruption in the future.

current apkg compat level: 3

compat = 3

ensuring compatibility


During apkg beta, backward compatibility with older versions/compat levels is provided on best effort basis.

Starting from 1.0, backward compatibility is going to be guaranteed.

Starting with 0.3.0, apkg status displays project compat level:

$> apkg status

project compat level:    3 (current)

If the project compat level doesn't match the current compat level of installed apkg version (or it isn't set), apkg will mention this:

$> apkg status

project compat level:    1 (old -> run apkg compat)

As apkg suggests, its compat command exists to provide instructions for setting the proper compat level in the project config including actions required for upgrade if any:

$> apkg compat

project compat level:       1
current apkg compat level:  2
latest apkg compat level:   2

current apkg version:  0.3.0
latest apkg version:   0.3.0

⚠ project compat level 1 is older than current 2

Please consider bumping

    compat = 2

in project config: distro/config/apkg.toml

Inspect following upgrade notes:


Introduced in apkg-0.3.0

Forward compatible update for most users.


compat level upgrade notes

You can use compat command's -n/--notes argument to show notes for upgrading from the specified compat level to current:

$> apkg compat --notes 1


Introduced in apkg-0.3.0

Forward compatible update for most users.

## new flexible template selection mechanism

Make sure each template dir in distro/pkg/ matches name
of a respective pkgstyle such as deb, rpm, arch, or nix.

Inspect new improved `apkg status` package templates listing.


Introduced in apkg-0.4.0

Forward compatible update, no action required.

compat level news

Please inspect apkg news for respective apkg release: